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See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.

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by louijover:

a better place

I’ve been unusually social this week. I like it, but I wonder how long it’s going to last. 

i want to read it and im scared. this sounds like its going to pull a tfios. i need to read this book.

It’s so good. Amazing. You should. I haven’t met someone yet that’s regretted it.

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This book is killing me right now. Ugh

Seriously all the tears.

I think that’s the first book that I sobbed over. Or at least the first one that I remember crying over. 



bmmsmg replied to your post “Sometimes I complain about my life and then a bunch of wonderful…”

Congrats on the jobs!!!!

Thanks Bailey! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at least one pans through x


M E ????/?? i n LO VE WitH a: f iCTIO NAL 3chA Racter????????? nOo ThaT IS AbSUrD!!!!!! **in loev** hAhaHAHA WHy w o Udl i fAll iN lOve wIth a chAracTer ???¿??1? THeY noT reaL ahHah ur silly

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